What is CIProfile?

Do you think in 360 degrees? If not… you can!

The most successful leaders and executives in the world think in 360 degrees by leveraging their hindsight, insight, and foresight. 360-degree thinking helps you better use the past and the lessons learned from experience to understand the challenges that you face today, which ultimately puts you in position for a better tomorrow!

Contextual intelligence is a leadership model that is currently used in Fortune 50 companies like Procter & Gamble, in large integrated health care systems, and many other organizations; it has been cited as “the core competency” for leaders in the future. Contextual Intelligence has also been cited in academic journals and popular publications as one of the necessary ingredients for thinking globally and interacting in a global economy and marketplace.

Organizations need leaders who can accurately see the future and successfully navigate uncertainty and complexity.

The Contextual Intelligence Profile (CIProfile) as developed by Fulbright scholar and leadership expert, Dr. Matthew Kutz. Through a careful examination of leadership competencies he identified 12 behaviors, that when practiced simultaneously result in Contextual Intelligence.

The CIProfile consists of 48 questions designed to evaluate your overall Contextual Intelligence as well as give understanding into in your ability to leverage 360-degree thinking (i.e., use of hindsight, insight, and foresight). Once identified, practical and individualized improvement exercises are available to enhance your contextual intelligence and ultimately your leadership effectiveness!

It’s easy to get started and within minutes you’ll know your CI Profile and what you can do to improve. CI profile.com was designed to bring convenient leadership testing and training into your home and office, because the world needs leaders who think in 360 degrees and can navigate uncertain and complex contexts. Take a few minutes to learn what the world’s elite leaders already know, how to think in 360° and lead your world!