Marshall Goldsmith
Million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There; and Thinkers50 Award Winner (Harvard Business Review) for Most-Influential Leadership Thinker in the World
One part leadership “bible,” two parts executive workbook, Contextual Intelligence is a necessary tool in every manager’s arsenal. Kutz’s new book skillfully defines “contextual intelligence,” warns us of obstacles to demonstrating Contextual Intelligence, then outlines ways in which to implement it at work and at home.Matthew Kutz is a brilliant student of leadership and management and knows what works effectively in these arenas. Brilliant.
Edward J. Reiter

Retired CEO and Chairman

Sky Financial Group (formerly Mid Am Inc.)

I  have taught leadership programs for the last 40 plus years and I have studied principles written by some of the best authors in the world.  I became a collector of many ideas and thoughts from these authors and even included how to win a war using the Principles of War from our United States Military.  Coupled with my own experiences of managing a multibillion dollar bank holding company, I became invited all over the country to speak.  Now retired and wishing that I would have had the writings and thoughts from Matt Kutz, how much better I would have been.  His book is state of the art and should be included in discussing any leadership program that is taught today.  This is a great book.

Debra A. Ball

Vice President, Learning & Service Excellence

ProMedica Health System, Toledo, OH

Real challenges in organizations are not business challenges like the ability to interpret trends in spreadsheets, tweaking another 2% out of the bottom line, or raising quality scores.  The real challenges in organizations are getting people engaged, committed and bridging leaders to adapt during changing circumstances in an unpredictable and constantly changing environment.  Matt has the ability to break the bonds that hold you back, unleashing powerful information with his transformative leadership – in sharing his research and application to contextual intelligence.  Dr. Kutz is an amazing speaker, writer and thought-leader, and his program on contextual intelligence and 3D thinking – worth the time in reaching your potential.

Dr. Anita Bamford-Wade, D.Nurs. RN

Joint Head of Nursing

Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ

For some time now I have had an interest in the small c and big C of Context and was delighted to discover the work of Matt about 2 years ago. Matt is a present day leader in this field and his work makes sense and gives meaning to many of the situations we find ourselves in.  Today’s global uncertainty further increases the relevance and significance of contextual intelligence.  The 12 competencies identified by Matt are goal posts for us all to aspire to if we are truly to be leaders of influence.  I would recommend Matt’s work as a core text for any leadership program.

Bobby Hill, EdD.

Director, Center for Christian Thought and Action

Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

If you are ready to go beyond the conventional leadership mantras and gain practical and powerful insights that work in the real world of organizations, this is the book to read. In 3D Thinking, Dr. Kutz not only introduces the new model of Contextual Intelligence, but unpacks and delivers keen insights on what contextual intelligence behaviors look like. My own experiences in leading people, developing leaders and building organizations were confirmed but also challenged to go higher and deeper with improved hindsight, insight and foresight. If you are an emerging or experienced leader you will not want to miss this book – powerful and compelling!

Nelson Evans

Mayor of Perrysburg, OH

[Dr. Kutz] entices a leader to see beyond strategic planning and look at unique perspectives from their past, present, and future experiences and access them simultaneously into unique leadership behaviors and outcomes. If you are a person that likes to think outside the box, then “Contextual Intelligence” should challenge your preconceived ideas and capture your curiosity about the adaptation to leadership. Dr. Kutz’s presentation will put you on the edge and keep you there. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is in management or plans to go there.

Tamar Truett, CLCP
Director of Volunteer Experiences

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Years of “personality profiles” have emboldened us to stake our claims in the way we think.   Too often leaders rely on logic, reason, emotions, and perception to make decisions.  Contextual Intelligence goes beyond “the box” – it considers the texture, feel, structure, and environment that “the box” is in.  Dr. Kutz has elevated the way we think about thinking.  

Jim Oedy, CEO, Community Sports Network

Founder YES FM Radio Network

Toledo, OH

Contextual Intelligence is a fresh look at the dynamics of decision making that is both practical and inspired… and is higher learning that actually works in the real world. I have participated in many seminars and leadership trainings, but this is one of the few that actually had people buzzing afterwards. That is because these principles are transformational in your personal life as well as your workplace.

Ann M. Light

Assistant Dean Bowling Green State University

College of Continuing & Extended Education

Having attended and managed countless conferences and training sessions [I was skeptical]… I personally attended, brought one of my assistant directors, and invited other colleagues to the event. I was not disappointed. Matt is a dynamic speaker, and he also backs up what he is talking about with research and science. He is introspective and thoughtful, but also engaging and connected to his audience.
Gretchen Carroll, Ed.D., J.D.

MBA Director of MBA Program

Tiffin University

Dr. Matt Kutz is an inspirational speaker and world renowned scholar for his expertise in contextual intelligence. He is engaging, energetic and authentic and uses his real world experiences in health care and higher education as platforms for illustrating the importance of contextual intelligence in leadership. Dr. Kutz's Contextual Intelligence Inventory™ provides tremendous adaptive insight to organizational leaders, in the midst of change, and serves as a platform for proactively leading the change process.  It is hard to imagine anyone who would not benefit from learning more about contextual intelligence!

Randal Martin, MBA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, The Kings Academy

Trustee, Palm Beach Atlantic University

My career has spanned several industries and Fortune 500 companies (real estate, telecommunications, public accounting, and education) and taught me this universal truth: most successful leaders and organizations grasp every competitive advantage. With Contextual Intelligence I believe that Dr. Matthew Kutz had discovered a universal advantage; one that every business needs. The ability to teach executives and managers to think like Fortune 500 CEOs and lead like military commanders can take any organization from good to great! Today's uncertain business climate has made forward-looking leadership more difficult and, at the same time, more important. Tomorrow's winners must learn from the past, assess the present and correctly predict the future; all at the same time. That is why the Contextual Intelligence Inventory™ and Dr. Kutz leadership insights are so exciting to me and the administration at the Kings Academy.

Darren T. Munn, CFA

President & Chief Investment Officer

Munn Wealth Management, Maumee, OH 

The Contextual Intelligence seminar is every bit as exciting and intriguing as the name implies.  Learning these concepts is vital for business leaders in these turbulent times.  Contextual Intelligence may be just the tool you need to build momentum in the coming years.

Jeffrey Taylor

Senior Vice President of Sales

MEDLAB, Chicago, IL

[Dr. Kutz’s] concept of contextual intelligence is truly cutting edge and has the real potential to increase your influence and positively change the way you practice leadership and develop leaders.

Patrick Blair

Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble

The tenets of Contextual Intelligence are increasingly critical for today's business leaders.  Dr. Kutz skillfully balances academia and real-world, making CI not only relevant for leaders, but actionable.